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become a mentor!

We are now recruiting for mentors for our 2022 Mentorship Programme.

Our mentorship team prides itself on creating a programme which will give both mentors and mentees access to exclusive experiences, with chances to network with keynote speakers from our sponsor companies, as well as CV and cover letter guidance from career experts.

If you are a penultimate or final year student, from any degree background and have completed at least one spring week, we would love for you to join our team!

Some of the benefits of joining our Mentorship Programme include:

  •  Gaining access to networking opportunities with working professionals from our sponsor firms, allowing you to meet up with analysts and associates who have been through the application process

  • Enriching your CV with this opportunity which showcases both your passion for finance whilst giving back with this volunteering experience

  • Helping students who were once in the same position as you were by guiding them through applications

  • Making a real impact on the community by joining UCL’s first-ever female mentorship programme

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